Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Tips For Using Metal Detectors On The Beach

Metal detectors are often used in treasure hunting and in finding relics. It is a handy apparatus especially... 

Choosing The Right Metal Detector

If this is your first metal detector purchase, consider getting some professional and expert advice to... 

What Should I Look For In A Metal Detector

If you are planning to buy a metal detector, you should check out the features of each before buying... 

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Before You Buy A Metal Detector

Buying a metal detector can be a very confusing process. There are so many different metal detectors... 

Making My Own Metal Detector

Mention the words metal detector and you’ll get completely different reactions from different people.... 

Metal detecting finds

It’s summer, it’s sweltering, and generally of us be inflicted with the same come forth.  Where... 

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Underwater metal detector

It seems with the intention of those either love to detect in the fill up, or they be inflicted with thumbs down appeal in taking the plunge.  Water detecting is beyond doubt a uncommon creature! Of way, to sort out one justice to hunting in the fill up, you need to be inflicted with a fill up apparatus.  Although generally ground detectors will... [Read more of this review]

Gold metal detector

We’ve all been here. Ready to take the plunge to approve of our initially metal detector, but having thumbs down clue everywhere to look or could you repeat that? Kind to make. Here are solely a hardly any ideas to brood over: 1. Get several current books and or treasure hunting magazines on metal detecting and detectors and read them painstakingly.... [Read more of this review]

Problems using a standard metal detector

  When searching pro a generous hard object like a gun or a knife, here is a generous amount of metal involved and the detection process is relatively unadorned. However, as searching pro a hardly any grams of gold, here is almost thumbs down metal to detect. Standard pace through metal detectors simply will not be enough even to discover a hardly... [Read more of this review]

Metal detector coil

The larger the coil, the deeper it will detect the larger nuggets, but the shallower it will detect tiny nuggets. 2) The less important the coil, the shallower it will detect lofty nuggets but the more insightful it will be on tiny nuggets. 3) Double D wound coils are far more established and create smallest ground blast but they are not as insightful. ... [Read more of this review]

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